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Convoy Attack


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Convoy Attack
By Adrian Johnson

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Convoy Attack

Modeling Credits: Green ground mat by GeoHex. Trees from various suppliers. Hills, river, and all other modeling and painting of terrain by Adrian. New Israeli figures and all vehicles painted by Adrian. FSE figures painted by Ken Winland. Photographs by Adrian.

Introduction Back to Top

This scenario was played during the Toronto Trek convention, July 5-7, 2002. The participants were divided into two teams, one to control a convoy and one to control an ambushing force. Mission objectives were simple - the convoy guards were escorting two trucks carrying important military supplies, and these had to be protected. The convoy players had to get the two trucks across the table. The ambushers were directed to stop the supplies, and had to prevent (by destroying them if possible) the supplies from getting across the table. The initial convoy route was down a river that wound its way through forest-covered hills. The ambushers were allowed to deploy hidden, and were given three dummy markers and three directional anti-personnel mines in addition to their troops.

The ambushers were New Israeli mercenary commando troops. Their forces consisted of four commando teams of four troopers and a command section of four troopers. Each of the teams had a team leader, SAW gunner, special weapon gunner, and a rifleman. The command section substituted a communications technician for the special weapon gunner. The special weapons included were two Heavy Anti-Material Rifles and two light guided missile launchers.

The convoy was operated by Federal Stats Europa Legionnaires. They were all mounted in GEV vehicles, and were given three APC's and a tank in addition to the two military transport trucks. The intantry component of the convoy consisted of a command squad of eight troops, and two rifle squads of eight troops. Each squad had six riflemen and a marksman and SAW gunner. The APC's were size 3 vehicles with Armour level 2, a single shot GMS/L and an RFAC/1 in a remote turret, basic sensors and enhanced ECM. The tank was a size 3 vehicle with Armour level 3, a HVC/3 as the main gun and an RFAC/1 in the cupola. It mounted enhanced sensors and ECM. The trucks were size 3 vehicles with Armour level 1, no weapons and no sensors.

TO&E Summaries for Both Forces Back to Top

Convoy - FSE Legionnaires

Total Strength: 1 Officer, 23 infantry other ranks, 2 truck drivers, 9 APC and Tank crew (35 total troops). Troops wear partial armour (Armor = d6)

A (Headquarters) Squad (1 Officer, 7 Other Ranks)

Convoy Commander (Lieutnant) - Gauss AAR
Platoon Sergeant (Sergeant-Chef) - Gauss AAR
Signaller - Gauss AAR
SAW Gunner - Gauss SAW
Marksman - Gauss Sniper Rifle
2 Riflemen - Gauss AAR

B, C (Rifle) Squads (8 ORs each)

Squad Commander - Gauss AAR
Squad 2ic - Gauss AAR
SAW Gunner - Gauss SAW
Marksman - Gauss Sniper Rifle
4 Riflemen - L7A3 AAR/GL

Tank (3 ORs - Driver, Commander, Gunner)

Size 3
Armour Level 3
HVC/3 Main Gun
RFAC/1 Remote Cupola
Enhanced Sensors and ECM

3 APCs (2 ORs each - Driver, Commander/Gunner)

Size 3
Armour Level 2
RFAC/1 Remote Cupola
Single Shot GMS/L on Cupola
Basic Sensors, Enhanced ECM

2 Trucks (1 OR each - Driver)

Size 3
Armour Level 1
No weapons
No sensors, Basic ECM

Attackers - New Israeli Commandos

Total Strength: 1 Officer, 19 Other Ranks (20 total troops). New Israeli commandos are equipped with power assisted hardsuit armour, giving them Armour = d8 and 8" standard movement (or d8x2 combat movement). They have Superior sensors and ECM.

A (Headquarters) Squad (1 Officer, 3 Other Ranks)

Commando Leader (Lieutenant) - Gauss AAR/GL
Platoon Sergeant - Gauss AAR/GL
Signaller - Gauss AAR/GL
SAW Gunner - Gauss SAW

B, C (Rifle) Squads (4 ORs each)

Squad Commander - Gauss AAR/GL
SAW Gunner - Gauss SAW
Marksman - HAMR
1 Rifleman - Gauss AAR/GL

D, E (Missile) Squads (4 ORs each)

Squad Commander - Gauss AAR/GL
SAW Gunner - Gauss SAW
Missile Gunner - GMS/L, Gauss AAR/GL
1 Rifleman - Gauss AAR/GL

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